Tube Deluxe

Since I had an overwhelming response from Tube Status, mostly for a Map, I built and released Tube Deluxe (iTunes link). It’s something I could not do for free as the map is copy right protected and needs to be licensed from Transport for London. I’ve also put a lot of development effort into Deluxe and it is actively maintained. Here’s the marketing blurb…

Get up to the minute service details on all London Underground tube lines. TubeDeluxe features an official and full map of the Underground with an easy to use station finder. No need to download the map it is part of the application!

Tube lines can be reordered in the status section. The last status update is always remembered, so you can still refer to it when you are on the tube.

Use the locate section to quickly find your closest stations and their lines.Comments, feedback and suggestions always welcome.

I have also released an iPad specific version called London Tube Deluxe Pro (iTunes link). This hooks into the very powerful & incredibly useful TfL real-time journey planner.

Access Tube Deluxe Online Help Here

Read more about Tube Deluxe in the iTune Store

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