Covering 370,000 bus stops throughout the UK (England, Scotland & Wales) NextBuses (iTunes link) is a simple & fast application designed to get straight to the point of telling you when your next bus is due. You can also search for stops by postcode or locality.

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  1. jenks2003 says:

    This is the message I tried to send you from my iphone today. Got a message saying name not recognised on server.

    Horley Railway Station
    Stop C

    The 526 bus of southdown psv which leaves here at 1516 is not listed.

    Chris Jenkins

  2. Malcolm Barclay says:

    are you still getting this error?

  3. Anita McMahon says:

    Hi Malcolm

    Is there any news about next buses for London.



  4. Malcolm Barclay says:

    Hi Anita,

    Sorry no news or timeframes as yet. TfL are working on real-time bus info for much of Greater London, but no timeframes or details of possible data feeds yet.


  5. iancollier says:


    I can’t imagine you don’t already know about it – but care to comment on how hard it will be for you to integrate the live bus status info available through



  6. Malcolm Barclay says:

    Indeed, taking a very close look at this & seeing if technically feasible. Unfortunately TfL have no official API for this that I’m aware of, but there are other ways.

  7. rposbo says:

    TFL’s countdown page uses ajax calls, so I’ve whacked a little front end up for it (completely unofficial and unsupported, of course..)

    No doubt you can make it muuuuch nicer ;)



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