TfL u Rock! TrackerNet is Online.

I know TfL bashing is quite a popular sport and I myself have been critical of them in the past. I have just come back from a press conference at TfL. The TrackerNet (Live Departures) & Status feeds are going live & a new developers area has been opened on the TfL site.

Although the TrackerNet feed came online about 6 months ago and had to be promptly shut down due to load. These problems have been well & truly solved now; Microsoft have dropped in an industrial strength cache in front of the operational systems and you can now easily access all this data for free.

I am told this is just the beginning. The system is modular, TfL plan to bring a full blown Journey Planning API online next year as well. Who know’s maybe iBus will follow on from this too? But no firm announcements on that yet.

This is ground breaking for open data & public transport in the UK & very forward thinking of TfL. Now that the data will be easy to access, we can expect to see some creative & useful applications across many devices & the web.

I think there’s a lot the dev community can contribute back too, for example interesting data sets & other services.

(P.S You need to to sign up as a developer to get access to the feeds)

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